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About breathe fresh cosmetics

behind the scenes

breathe fresh cosmetics was founded in Berlin in 2002 as one of the first beauty concept stores of its kind in Europe.


From the very beginning, the focus was on unique fragrance projects with independent perfumers and brands beyond the mainstream. In close collaboration with nationally and internationally renowned creatives, breathe fresh cosmetics is the showcase for extraordinary perfume creations and capsule collections.


We take a lot of time to select brands and products, because we want to find out which ideas, dreams and personalities are behind the complex fragrance and skin-care creations. We appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of creative people, and their unerring sense for the highest quality in the production of their fragrances. We rely on independent minds and present brands founded from conviction and dedication. This enables us to present perfume afficionados and fragrance lovers with a range of extraordinary creations that are modern, contemporary and also revolutionary, because they uncompromisingly lead the way into the future for the world of fragrances.


“Beautiful and Happy Aging”: In the area of ​​skin care, we concentrate exclusively on 100% organically produced clean cosmetic products. Not only are they feel-good factors in beautiful skin-care rituals, they’re also highly effective! They come from manufacturers that use the finest medicinal plant extracts and ingredients, and are specially made for sensitive skin needs. Harmonizing pleasures for skin and soul are guaranteed!


With AMALA, HESSE ORGANIC SKINCARE and JULISIS, we stock what are probably the best-known premium natural cosmetics lines in Germany, and the most authentic in the organic cosmetics sector, which are also produced exclusively in Germany.


Our brand portfolio in the field of fragrances includes MiN New York, THE ZOO, Nomenclature, Humiecki & Graef, ONEofTHOSE, Gravel, Parfums Quartana, Alchemico Goti , Escentric Molecules Ormonde Jayne, Boudicca, Boris Bidjian Saberi, 10SeiOTTO, Naomi Goodsir, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Liaison de Parfum …


Has our concept and product range made you curious to know more? We’re currently revising our online shop, but this doesn’t affect our personal service for you in any way. Just call us or send us an email. We’re happy to be here for you!


With fresh regards, Breathe Team


Opening Hours

Monday & Tuesday


Wednesday to Saturday




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